Winter Parking in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe Area

Whether you are a full-time resident, a 2nd home owner or a seasonal tourist,

REMEMBER! Regardless of snow or no snow, it is illegal to park on any roadway (including roadway shoulders, cul-de-sacs, etc.) from November 1st to May 1st.  The only exception to this code is if signage indicates parking is allowed.    

It’s also illegal to park in any area blocking emergency or snow removal equipment.

And don’t think you’ll get away with it because you won’t.  You will be cited and/or towed. Believe me, I know! The last thing you want to spend your money on is a ticket!

So make sure you park your vehicle legally during the holiday times and throughout the winter season till May 1st — and “…Yes, Virginia…”, it will snow!

Placer “County-Wide” Woodstove Requirements

Effective January 1, 2012, residential and commercial property sales in all of Placer County must participate in Section 303 of Rule 225, Wood Burning Appliances, Sale or Transfer of Real Property. 

In a nutshell, Section 303 addresses non-EPA Phase II Certified freestanding woodstoves.  It prohibits the sale of real property that has a non-EPA Phase II Certified free-standing woodstove.  Sellers must disclose to Buyers this point of sale/transfer requirement and how compliance will be achieved and, if a freestanding woodstove is compliant, Sellers must disclose that also.

Non-compliant freestanding woodstoves do not have to be replaced or removed, but must be made permanently inoperable. Fireplaces, inserts, gas stoves, pellet stoves and dedicated cook stoves are exempt. Sellers and Buyers are subject to the requirements of Section 303.    

For more information on this mandatory measure, please go to the Placer County Air Pollution Control District website.  

House Fires … Beware of Glade Plug-In Fragrances


The following information came from an individual in the insurance property business. Their house burnt down … nothing left but ashes. They have good insurance so the house will be replaced and most of the contents. That is the good news.

However, they  were sick when they found out the cause of the  fire. The insurance investigator sifted through the ashes for several hours. He had the cause of the fire traced to the master bathroom. He asked the woman what had been plugged in the  bathroom. She listed the normal things … curling iron, blow dryer.  He kept saying to her,  ‘No, this would be something that would disintegrate at high temperatures’. Then she remembered she had a Glade Plug-In, in the bathroom.

The investigator had one of those ‘Aha’ moments. He said that was the cause of the fire. He said he has seen more house fires started with the plug-in type room fresheners than anything else. He said the plastic they are made from is THIN. He also said  that in every case there was nothing left to prove that it even existed. When the  investigator looked in the wall plug, the two  prongs left from the plug-in were still in there. 

The home had one of  the plug-ins that had a small night light built  in it. The woman said she had noticed that the light would dim and then finally go out. She would walk in to the bathroom a few hours later, and the light would be back on again.

The investigator said that the unit was getting too  hot, and would dim and go out rather than just blow the light bulb. Once it cooled down it would come back on. That is a warning sign.  

The investigator said he personally wouldn’t have any type of plug in fragrance device anywhere in his house. He has  seen too many places that have been burned down  due to them.