Sewer Treatment Plant Update for Serene Lakes


Property Owners in the Serene Lake subdivision may be wondering what is going on with the sewer treatment expansion and how it will affect them. Here’s our unofficial understanding of the current status.

On January 14, 2012, ballots were counted and the formation of an assessment district for the sewer treatment plant upgrade/expansion passed in an 85% “yes” to 15% “no” vote.

The formation of an assessment district is for $9 Million in funding through the USDA to which the Sierra Lakes County Water District applied for their portion of the sewer expansion. When funding is approved, an assessment will be passed down to each property owner in Serene Lakes.  Owners of developed lots will be assessed $8,942.61 (in the worst case scenario) and owerns of undeveloped lots will be assessed $9,564.64.  Right now, the SLCWD is in a “holding pattern” as the USDA has not yet granted the funding.

However, once funding is granted, a letter will go out to all property owners that gives them 30 days in which to decide whether they want to pay the assessment in total or amortized it over a 30-year period with payment being assessed on tax bills.  Due to the fact funding has not yet been granted, it’s unlikely that the assessment would be on the next tax bill.

If you have other questions or need futher clarification, please call Anna at Sierra Lakes County Water District – 530/426-7800. She is a wealth of information and has always been very happy to provide whatever information she can and if you have questions she can’t answer immediately, she’ll find the answers.

For some basic information on the sewer treatment plant expansion, visit the Sierra Lakes County Water District website .

Hoyfjellet Lodge Testimonial

“Boy Scout Troop 206 (Menlo Park, CA) has been happily returning to Hoyfjellet Lodge for more than 10 years for its annual ski trip. Because it is conveniently located for Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge, Hoyfjellet is an ideal base for our Troop to go downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, and we know we’ll get a warm welcome, good food and a cosy place for après ski relaxation. Highly recommended for groups.

Phil McHale, Assistant Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 206”

Ice Skating in Serene Lakes Has Never Been Better!



Believe it or not, there’s a bright spot to the lack of snowfall this year.  With no new snow falling on the frozen lake, the ice remains glass-smooth — perfect for ice skaters, hockey players and even canines!