Snow Biking Gaining Traction at Royal Gorge

It’s a sunny winter day; temps are in the mid 20’s and it is a perfect day to be outside.  You head for freshly groomed trails not with your skis but with your bike!  That’s right, your bike. In recent years snow biking has taken winter by storm.  Now the cyclists, who previously spent the winter months on gym bikes or on indoor trainers, finally have another option for exercise and fun.

While untold thousands of people in the U.S. pedal year-round to work or school, it’s now captured the attention of the thrill seekers as well as the commuters.  New cycling equipment, better apparel and a growing awareness of the feasibility of wintertime riding has caused a jump in participation. Snow biking has become a mainstream offering at many winter resorts across the country for a number of reasons.   First, bikes have come a long way.  Your standard 26” wheeled mountain bike will work just fine on the snow.  Today’s wider tires and the ability to run lower air pressure with tubeless tires so that more tire surface will be in contact with the road/trail makes the snow a great format for fun.

Aside from the bike technology changing, there has also been a change in our trails.  More users are on the trails year-round now, for hiking, trail running and snow shoeing.  Some people might consider this a bad thing but for the snow biker it’s great.  More use of the trails creates more compaction. When you combine this compaction with a bit of sun and some nice temps (in the 20’s) you get conditions that create great snow biking.

Royal Gorge is one of the few resorts in the Tahoe Basin currently offering snow bike rentals.  They have a complete fleet of fat tire bikes and groomed winter trails to make your next ride your best one! Check out their website page here.