Wild Fires and YOU

FullSizeRenderAs I write this, there is a Red Flag Warning in effect for our area and wildfires are raging throughout the west.  Tinder dry conditions and a prolonged drought have brought us to the brink of catastrophe.  There is no way to emphasize enough the importance of fire safety in our area.  We live on the edge of wilderness and must respect it.  Being fire safe might mean just the few minutes time you will need to escape safely and hopefully, perhaps even keep our community from facing a situation that desperate.

There is an incredible amount of information to be found in any number of places, but for Donner Summit and Serene Lakes property owners, perhaps your best resource is the Serene Lakes Property Owners website.  Here you can find the forms you’ll need to submit for property inspections, wood chipping dates, emergency checklists, the Serene Lakes fire wise assessment plan and so much more.

Let’s all do our part to protect the area we love so much, and keep one another safer as a result.